The Shire of Sussex

Little Owl YurtHave you ever wondered what it would be like to live like Frodo Baggins and the rest of the hobbit’s in the Shire, surrounded by woodland, with little people running around you, tiny little homes accommodating only the basic essentials (and some necessary alcohol), a bubbling community of friendly faces and big hot pots of fresh vegetable soup… then Wowo may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Situated in the beautiful South East of England, Wowo’s campsite offers a variety of affordable camping or glamping facilities. Often with campsites you find that you’re sectioned into car park like spaces, marked out with white lines or even fences. However at Wowo they’ve made a very conscious decision to create open spaces that rarely feel crowded or lacking in privacy. The camping pitches are large and fire friendly, perfect for big groups to camp together.

One of the WOW(o) factors you’ll find is the variety of beautiful Yurts, the Little Owl Yurt or the safe haven for the people of ‘muesli mountain’ comfortably sleeps 2 adults and 3 children for an affordable price of £260 for 3 mid-week nights. The Yurts are different to standard camping, which is normally priced at £10 per night per person and £5 for children, the yurts are equipped with stoves, beds (with mattresses!), the wooden floor is lined with wool and the whole inside of the yurt including the roof is felt lined making this the perfect all year round getaway being cosy in winter and cool in summer, beeswax candles and natural products only. One double bed comes complete with all linen. Most yurts comes complete with all kitchen equipment including a gas cooker, a woodstove for heating, all candlelight and also a fire pit area outside with wooden picnic tables and benches and a metal trivet for cooking over the fire.

The beauty of the campsite is that it’s so easy to be fulfilled by simply lying around in the woods that the Yurts are in. Children are completely safe to roam alone, dipping toes into the spring and joining in with activities like ‘Foraging with Anna Richardson and Friends’ or ‘Really Wild Bushcraft with Steve Shove and team’.

During the summer months inside village area you will find, homemade complimentary vegetarian soup every Saturday at 6pm, acoustic music for kids and adults Saturday at 7 – 9pm, Donkeys, Jimmy the Juggling Jester doing workshops on Thursdays throughout the summer, see Jimmy’s Website, Paella with Michael on Friday evening from 7pm.

It may seem like the perfect definition of ‘hippy dippy’ and it really is! But there is something special about breaking the routine and stepping into a life that very rarely enters this busy society that we all find ourselves competing in.


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