The Vegan Dilemma – by Sam Gardom


I understand the many reasons why people feel that they want to become vegan and I will defend people’s right to choose that option despite the inexplicable air of self-righteousness that it seems to produce in some practitioners.  What I don’t understand is the ethical quandary of eating animal products such as milk, eggs, cheese etc. if they are ethically produced, as they have been a staple of the human diet for thousands of years.

In reality however this is the least of the worlds problems. I am a great believer in ethical farming whether it be arable or livestock and increasing awareness of the implications of GMO crops, chemicals used in non-organic farming and mistreatment of livestock but the reality is these issues run through the entire food production system. It affects the environment, people’s health and the food costs and economic stability of entire countries.


Vegan Facebook meme that inspired me to write this post – might as well end …SO THERE!

Surely it is important to find a more responsible and altruistic system to feed the world. Seeing as whatever lifestyle we choose to adopt we are supporting what is in reality a broken system. The goal must be not just to eat ethically oneself, but to fight for a future where these choices are available and affordable to everyone.

We live in a world where eating trends, super-foods and the globalization of markets have left people unable to afford the staples of their traditional diet.They are forced to eat processed junk and unstable and unhealthy genetic mutations of crops and creatures that make unethical companies fortunes while the global quality of life suffers. Forget Veganism, Vegeterianism, Fruitarianism, Cannibalism the only solution is Altruism and a dash of humanistic sympathy.


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