Profile: Hofesh Schecter

HofeshShechter_Photo_Carl_Fox-1024x768The famous dance composer Hofesh Schecter will be bringing his rhythmic flair and creativity to the city at this year’s Brighton Festival.

Hofesh Schecter is no stranger to Brighton, his eponymous dance company having made its home in the Brighton Dome for the last six years. His company has since toured America, Australia, Europe – including culture rich capital Berlin and parts of Asia.

Now, Schecter will become the face of the city after being awarded the prestigious role of guest director at the festival, which attracts thousands of people every year. His role will allow him to work his craft on the various attractions and events that will be on offer to festival goers.

Schecter has a rich background in dance; he made his debut in 2003 after moving to the UK in the previous year. His work has included projects such as ‘The Choreographer’s Cut (2006)’, ‘In Your Rooms (2007)’ and ‘The Art of Not Looking Back’ (2009). Subsequently, his work has won critical acclaim and has allowed him to become a front-runner in the world of contemporary dance.

His first piece of work “Fragments” was quickly selected as one of the finalists in the Audience Choice Awards.

The Southbank Centre, Saddler’s Wells Theatre and The Place held host to his ‘In Your Rooms (2007)’ production, which became a sell out at the Saddler’s Well venue. It later won the Critics’ Circle Award in 2008 for that production.

Preview of the Brighton Festival 

His recent-thought provoking work, ‘Sun’, is a sensitive portrayal on how man interacts with beast and nature and it will be performed at the Brighton Festival.

Hofesh has also made his mark on the second series of popular cult TV drama, ‘Skins’, by choreographing the opening dance sequence for an episode last year. He has also made a transatlantic impact with his choreographing skills in New York and Switzerland.

He has also worked in theatre, choreographing work for The Royal Court Theatre and the National Theatre He has also worked as a choreographer in theatre.

He was awarded the role of guest director in September last year and takes on the role that has been held by the likes of children’s poet, Michael Rosen, campaigner, Vanessa Redgrave and Burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Hofesh Schecter will be a valuable asset to the Brighton Festival. His talent and skill will ensure that every aspect of the event will be mind blowing, engaging and above all else, will give everyone who attends, an entertaining insight into the world of art and culture. 

This year’s Brighton Festival will take place between the 3rd and 25th of May and will kick off with a children’s display.

For more information on the Brighton Festival and the activities that Hofesh Schector will be directing, head to

By Alice Watkins, Charlotte Gale and James Dunham



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