Made in Chelsea star? Made in Brighton more like


Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

The title Made in Chelsea leads you to believe that the cast is exactly that, made in Chelsea. Since seeing Phoebe in a flashy, almost X-rated club flyer for Trash, a club night in Brighton, it came apparent that she’s actually more made in Brighton than the more opulent part of London.

Maybe that’s why other cast members haven’t taken such a shine to Phoebe on the show and she has appeared in most of the arguments since series 5 began and she was brought into the picture.

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson leaves out her last name for her fashion blogs, keeping only the intriguing name that makes me think of her as a cabbage patch kid.

Being a fashion assistant at Tatler, and a photographer, of course Phoebe Lettice has her own blog, showing off her street style, style that’s very unlike the upper-middle-class Chelsea habitues.

Tatler scouted Phoebe after seeing a picture of her with blue hair at London Fashion Week.

Both Phoebe and Lucy from the show went to school at Goldalming College, Phoebe also studied at Hurtwood House in Surrey. A degree in fashion photography brought her onto the Brighton scene, going to Brighton University developed her eclectic style.

Her outfits use street and sport brands like Stussy or Adidas and merge in high fashion clothing. This could be an
interpretation of her love of both Brighton and London.

Now dating The Foals’ drummer, anyone going to Bestival this summer keep an eye out, she’s bound to be there and not just on the stage side like previous MIC star Millie Macintosh while watching her husband Steven Manderson aka Professor Green. Phoebe is a lot more likely to be getting down and dirty like any other festival goer.

Phoebe’s different surroundings have influenced her style, which has created her career, a lot of this stemming from our seaside rather than the pampered city.

By Emelie Fitzgerald and Ella Bukbarbis



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