Eubank Jr Unbeaten


Chris Eubank Jr has unquestionably upheld his fathers reputation. The 24  year old middleweight fighter from Brighton is the oldest child of Chris (Senior) and his former wife Karron. Since his first professional fight in November 2011, he has been unbeaten in 13 fights, including 8 KO’s.

Eubank Jr was schooled at prestigious Brighton College where he excelled in sport and drama and was (some) teacher’s favorite. He was expelled for bad behavior like his other two brothers.

It is well known that their father kept them in line with strict discipline, his parenting tactics being shown off to the public in a TV show in 2003, At Home With the Eubanks.

In 2007, when Chris was 18, a video was posted on YouTube, as well as the youngsters own personal MySpace, of the teenager in a street brawl. This caused embarrassment for the family who has a reputation of having skeletons in the closet.

In 2008, Chris Jr was sent with his brother Seb, to live with a woman in Las Vegas. It is not clear if the woman knows the boys’ father but she has taken them in. It is believed that the WBO Champion wanted his sons to follow in his footsteps, after he was sent, as a youngster, to live with in the Bronx where he was able to train everyday which kick started his career.

The ‘secret adoption’ of his sons was a result of meeting between Chris Senior and Irene Hutton, who was to oversee the boys’ care. After a “bitter” divorce from wife Karron, Chris met Irene by chance at a hotel in Paris, where they chatted for hours and exchanged phone numbers.

Eubank began his amateur career in 2007 with the winning of his sixth amateur fight; he became the Amateur Golden Glove Champion for the State of Nevada in his weight division of 165 lbs.

His eighth amateur fight he became the Amateur Golden Glove Champion for the Western States of the United States in his weight division. Eubank was 1-1 in the 2008 National Golden Gloves.

Christopher Eubank turned professional after the fight at the National Golden  Gloves.



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