Three years ago, Conor Paul Maynard was crooning away over Rihanna and Taio Cruz instrumentals on Youtube, oblivious to the fact that soon enough, a fairy godmother in the form of RnB legend Ne-Yo would snap him up and make him his apprentice.

His hit song ‘Can’t Say No’ was the first song to enter the charts, now with an impressive 20 million views on Youtube; the heart throb originally from Brighton continues to produce successful pop music.

His hit song ‘R U Crazy’ spearheaded the Uktop40 at number 2 within its first week of release, dominating the UK club scene and melting the hearts of many a teenage girl.

Since then, the Brighton warbler has released a touching autobiography in which he describes his life, loves, troubles and heartbreaks. It was put on shelves in October 2013, and sold over one million copies, and is still going strong today.

Maynard comes from a strong Brighton family and has always stayed true to his roots, with two siblings. He understands the meaning of true friendship and brotherhood.

Since a young boy, Conor had always been passionate about the music industry but he actually saw himself a fireman, and aspires to be one still if the music doesn’t work out.

In school, Conor wasn’t your typical student, and found it difficult to engage with a lot of the subjects. However, after just about getting the grades he needed to pass he spent all of his spare time dedicating himself to the music. He first uploaded a video onto Youtube in 2008, making his own version of Beyoncé’s “If I Were a Boy”.

This received critical acclaim from commenters, and racked up his number of subscribers into the thousands. Even though he received negative comments concerning his voice and looks, Conor soldiered on regardless and continued doing what he loved.

In recent interviews, Maynard has laughed about the Youtube trolls and urges all that aspire to be like him to “just ignore it, they’ll go away in the end.”

At the tender age of 22, Maynard still has years of success waiting to come, and we’re eager to see what the future holds for this young, aspirational artist.


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