What’s Everyone Talking About?…No. it’s not Flappy Birds.

The United Kingdom has witnessed some of the worst weather since records began, with torrential rain and huge winds battering the coastline and causing large amounts of damage to residents across the country.

The southern counties suffered over the Christmas period as thousands found themselves without power and trapped inside their homes by small floods.

Among them was UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who later had to publicly apologise for one of his party members after they blamed the terrible weather on the government’s decision to legalize gay marriage.

Although the weather has relapsed slightly since January, there are still prolonged periods where rain and biting winds cover the country, hindering transport.

Many train services have been disrupted in places like Sussex and Kent due to trees being blown onto tracks and even a carriage was overturned a few weeks ago.

There is also significant danger to cyclists on the road this week especially along the coast. A number of the pedal pushers have been knocked off their bikes or have been blown in front of cars or other fast moving vehicles.

The bad weather also caused a serious accident involving cattle in the West Sussex area. Two drivers hit the animals who had escaped from their field due to a blown over fence. This unusual case meant that the drivers could not claim on their insurance but in fact ended up worse off, because the farmer decided to sue them for hitting his cattle.

A piece of Brighton’s West Pier fell into the churning waves earlier today, as the heavy winds and water eroded through the already weakened pieces of timber, causing a large piece to fall, separating the structure. Some people believe that if the weather keeps up in this way, it is possible the pier’s remains could entirely collapse.

The south-western counties have found themselves completely cut off from the rest of the country as sea storms cause immense flooding in the area. The local army base has sent troops in to aid people in evacuating their homes and relocate them to nearby counties.

The bad weather is expected to continue, and MPs and environmentalists are asking people to stay calm to try and get through the worst of it.


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