New proposals plan to shake up Brighton’s Shakedown festival

Could Brighton’s Shakedown festival about to be shaken up?

Well if Brighton councillors are to have their way then we could see massive changes to the event which has seen the likes of Brighton born Rizzle Kicks, Pro Green and DJ Fresh preform to thousands of festival go-ers.

But the buzz and excitement over the event could be cut short this year as proposals are being drawn to cut the event down to just one day instead of the whole weekend. There are also plans for the festival to be moved from September to July and councillors are looking at a new site to host the festival.

Shakedown festival. Credit:

Although the event has appealed to those who have flocked to Shakedown in previous years, the lively atmosphere and feel-good feeling has failed to reciprocate with local residents, who in previous years have been vocal about the festival.

In early 2013 a petition was signed by Brighton residents who said that the 2012 event left Stanmer Park as a mudbath.

As a result there are proposals for the event to move to the Waterhall. The site would be able to cater for 15,000 people, considerably more capacity than Stanmer Park, which councillors say, has outgrown the demand of revellers heading to Shakedown.

The Waterhall is situated just off of Patcham and a fair distance away from residential areas, something that will appeal to those who have opposed the event in previous year.

And in yet another change to the event, Shakedown could be moved to July as the Waterhall site host’s rugby matches in September.

Brighton & Hove City Council’s Economic Development and Culture Committee will discuss the plans in a meeting on Thursday 23rd.

By James Dunham


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