Just how prepared is Sussex for the snow

After weeks of strong winds and heavy rain, some of which has caused some hefty damage, many of us may now be wondering if the dreddid “S” word will arrive.

In previous years the county has struggled to cope with even the slightest sign of snow. Who can forget the snow fall of 2013 when the A23 came to a standstill, motorists were forced to sleep in their cars and people in Brighton having no choice but to leave their vehicles, unable to continue their journey home.

School children found themselves waking up to a winter wonderland as they discovered lessons were cancelled.

Commuters travelling to London also faired badly, with the heavy flurries bringing services to a standstill, right across the county.

Brighton struggling to cope last year.But, year on year councils across the county defend their snow preparations. But could the council do more? And, just how much do they spend on snow preparations. Figures I have gained from Mid-Sussex District council outline how much they have spent on snow preparations within the last few years.

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 16.50.41

FOI request: Mid-Sussex District Council

We were unable to gain the figures of how much the council has budgeted for gritting this year. However, the amount spent on emergency planning is down this year which could impact on the response of the council during the snow. But just how likely is snow with two months left of Winter?

The Met Office long-range forecast suggest that temperatures here in the south and south-east could reach lows of zero or below.

Some periods of colder weather are likely, particularly between weather systems, meaning that temperatures overall may well be near or a little below normal.
-Long range forecast from the Met Office.

If any weather systems do come into contact with icy conditions than snow will surely be inevitable.

With any luck, the winter will come and go without even a hint of the dreaded white stuff. We can only hope, that councils here in Sussex are ready. Maybe it is time to dig out the shovels and gloves before the snow sets in.

By James Dunham


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