Windy weather

Guy survives scare on bus


23-year-old Tony McDoogan survived what some would call a brush with death itself, as his usual quiet ride into work yesterday morning as a hurricane occurred as he was driving along the cliff edge near Peacehaven.


What happened next was something like a blockbuster film featuring Bruce Willis merged with how you might feel standing behind standing behind a plane engine. As McDoogan reached a tight bend in the road, the massive gust of wind, combined with his turn, which was too fast, caused him to lose control of his vehicle, and he was subsequently sent flying off the road into a neighbouring field.


McDoogan has said “I cannot believe I am still standing, let alone breathing. As the wind hit I thought how lucky I was to be in my car, but the shock of how strong the gust was still distracted me from the turn ahead and that’s how I crashed.”


Doctors say that McDoogan will be otherwise okay, but he has however suffered a fractured arm and a light concussion, which he sustained from the impact of hitting steering wheel as the car rolled around.


He will be spending the next couple of days at the Royal Sussex County hospital to recover from his injuries. He has advised other motorists to steer well clear of the A259 when there are weather warnings issued by the authorities.


“The weather has made the road running along the coast increasingly treacherous for drivers. I wouldn’t recommend anyone using it whilst the weather is this bad. I was lucky that I was not seriously hurt, but God forbid this happens to anyone else and the result is worse”.





Joe Harvey and O


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