More floods to come

By Ella & Chalotte G

The storms are still predicted to keep on proceeding across areas of Sussex as The Met Office place 114 yellow flood warnings across the South East.

Although the yellow weather warning is the lowest of the three levels, cautions of ‘heavy rain combined with hail and thunder’ still continue.

The Environment Agency (EA) has put up warnings that the public should stay away from exposed areas along the seafront as it could pose a danger to life. Numerous pictures were put up along the Hove promenade- showing the walk and benches immersed in pebbles.

A spokeswoman for Brighton and Hove City Council added that the changing formation of the beach pebbles have left some areas extremely steep and dangerous to walk close to the water’s edge.

Further inland high winds closed St Luke’s Swimming Pool in St Luke’s Terrace.

Around Sussex in Horsham, Worthing Road could be closed for three days after a four-meter culvert collapsed during an all-night operation to clear  flood water.

The recent storms and floods have caused transport chaos, with trains being cancelled and delayed and with more to wild weather to come, we look at the damage already caused.

Across England, more than five people have died and other 1,7000 homes have been flooded. The extreme weather also caused home to be with out electricity.

Residents in Roberstbridge were prepared for the flooding. One resident commented on the speed that the sand bags were supplied and the temporary pumps and culverts that were set up, “After last years extensive flooding, I’m really glad the council have helped us prepare for the worst.”  Thanks to these measures, the amount of flooding was minimised.

Newhaven and Shoreham have suffered particularly badly, due to the combination of heavy rain and high tides, with Shoreham Airport flooding and having to close for a few hours last week.

Submerged train tracks caused Newhaven rail way and station to close. Residents were warned by the fire service to turn off their electric and move any items they could save up stairs.  Luckily, the flood water had receded before any serious damage had been caused.

If you’ve been affected by any of the floods, or have a good news story, you can contact us here


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