How Sussex struggled against the storms

The storms battered Britain over the Christmas period, leaving families out of power, flights delayed and areas devastated. Here is a closer look at the impact the storm had in Sussex and the surrounding area…

Picture: Daily Mirror

Picture: Daily Mirror

Brighton failed to escape the power of the stormy weather. The picture above of shingle washed up on the beech emphasisis the severity of the weather in the South. High tides means that there was the potential for flooding, however the city remained mainly unscaved from the heavy rain and strong winds. Picture: Daily Mirror


Picture: The Argus

In areas of Mid-Sussex such as Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath homes were hit by power cuts in the run up to Christmas day. Families were left anxiously waiting, wondering, hoping whether they would have power in time for Christmas day. There were over 800 homes without power across the county over the Christmas period. For many households power was restored in time for the big day but some were forced to make alternative arrangements for the 25th as homes-many of which are situated in more isolated areas of the county did not have their power restored even by the 27th. Picture: The Argus

Picture: The Argus

Picture: The Argus

Commuters also boar the brunt of the badweather with major disruption on rail services heading in and out of Brightonto the capital. Landslips at Redhill, flooding in the Balcombe tunnel and powerproblems further into London resulted in long delays, cancellations and a bignightmare for passengers using rail services over the festive period. Picture: The Argus

Dog walkers in Hastings had a shock when part of the Rock-a-Nore cliff fellaway on 3rd January. The torrential rain and wind had left the rockweak and vulnerable. Filmers managed to capture the action as it was happening,but people are now being advised to keep away from coastal areas, promenadesand any dangerous situations around coastal areas.

Gatwick Airport suffered under the strain on Christmas Eve as the North Terminal had to close due to flooding from the River Nole. Flights were diverted to various countries, with many having to wait up to 12 hours for a flight. The severe weather prevented many flights from landing. For customers who had to spend a miserable Christmas in the airport after their flights had been cancelled on Christmas Eve, Gatwick is offering £100 vouchers to make up for it.

Interactive map of storm chaos.

By Lily Blackmoore and James Dunham

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