What is being done to tackle anti-social behaviour in Brighton and Hove?


By Belinda Maude

Anti-social behaviour has been an issue in Brighton and Hove but agencies are always trying to tackle the issue.

According to UK CrimeStats there were 1,491 crimes reported in Brighton in September 2013, 569 of which were reports of anti-social behaviour.

Jill Pedersen, Senior Media Relations Officer, Sussex Police commented: “It [anti-social behaviour] is an issue in all communities across the country to some extent. Brighton and Hove is no different to anywhere else.”

In June 2012 community trigger trials began in Manchester, Brighton and Hove, West Lindsey and Lincolnshire.

The community trigger was designed to give victims and communities the right to demand agencies to deal with persistent anti-social behaviour.

There were two teams designated to deal with anti-social behaviour: a Partnership Casework Team and a Housing Services Team.

It was confirmed that the trials helped those responsible to consider how their responses were received and will hopefully improve responses to anti-social behaviour in the future.

In June 2012 there were 662 reports of anti-social behaviour meaning a fall of 93 incidents since the trials took place.

Further support schemes have been put in place since, including the Anti-social Behaviour guidance in May 2013.

This has been designed by the Stronger Families, Stronger Communities partnership which aims to reduce youth offending and anti-social behaviour.

They tackle issues such as these by offering holistic support to a family or household that is deemed eligible for care.

The Partnership Community Safety Team also has dedicated staff working in areas of persistent anti-social behaviour.

The role of the team is to reduce the effect of anti-social behaviour and hate crimes and prevent it where possible.

The work occurring in Brighton and Hove to maintain community stability in relation to addition that can lead to anti-social behaviour has been awarded European Union funding.

Brighton and Hove council are aware that the major ‘drivers’ of antisocial behaviour are drugs and alcohol misuse.

In 2005 the Exclusion Notice Scheme was put in place by the Sussex Police and the Brighton & Hove Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP).

It intended to discourage people from committing anti-social behaviour acts in licensed premises in Brighton & Hove for fear of being excluded from premises in the future.

The schemes goals included the prevention of public nuisance, public safety and the prevention of crime and disorder.

However, acts of anti-social behaviour have still put much stress on the NHS, particularly Accident and Emergency.

Due to this Sussex Police, the NHS and the BCRP has launched a new project which will attempt to reduce excessive drinking and subsequently anti-social behaviour.

The project will try and break the cycle of binge drinking and alcohol-related crime and was designed to run in conjunction with the Exclusion Notice Scheme.

Lisa Perretta, Brighton & Hove crime manager said, “We are always looking at ways to improve our services.

“The exclusion notice scheme has proved very successful at removing trouble makers from the city centre and running the alcohol diversion course.

“The exclusion notice scheme will enhance this by addressing the root causes of the problem behaviour.”


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