Fiat 500 review

With the first model manufactured in Italy in 1957, the ‘Nuevo’ (new) Fiat 500 is a typical town car, designed specifically for city driving.

The 9 ft 9” car, powered by a 479cc, two-cylinder, air-cooled engine was the first definition of a ‘small car’ and is named as one of the first city cars.

Production was suspended in 1975 and more developed models were produced. Then in 2007 came the new and improved


2009 ‘Barbie’ edition

model. The three-door hatchback is currently produced in Poland and almost identical to the 2004 retro concept car, the Trepiuno. A limited ‘hot pink’ ‘Barbie’ edition was released in 2009, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the iconic doll. Another limited edition ‘Gucci’ version was released in 2011 and customised by the Gucci creative director.

I chose my Fiat to sport the navy blue with cream fabric for the seat and cream for the interior of the car. There are also many different add-ons you could give your car: from a convertible; to having parking sensors.The 2007 Fiat 500 model offers you the chance of choosing your design. With a dozen body colours, 15 interior designs and many wheel options, there are over 500,000 different combinations to choose from that suit you.


2011 ‘Gucci’ edition

On the fiat website, it gives you the opportunity to experiment with the different style combinations, and shows you the result before you order it.

There are mixed reviews about the 500 but most are positive, however I have heard my fair share of “do you know what fiat stands for? Fix It Again Tomorrow” jokes.

But by being cheap to run, costing only around £40 in petrol to fill the tank and not having to pay road tax because of the eco-friendly engine, why would you complain?


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