You made a difference

If you saw my post on Angora wool and signed up to the petition, you made an influence on the battle for the bunnies welfare.

stock angora baby

After the upsetting video, finally there is some brighter news to be shed on the campaign.

The video was a viral success and despite its sadness has produced a silver lining, influencing some of the UK’s most popular fashion brands to suspend the use of angora in their production lines!

H&M, New Look, Espirit and ACNE are just some of the companies who have stopped manufacturing angora products since the petition.This decision is a huge step and will in PETA’s words “potentially spare hundreds of thousands of rabbits being imprisoned, manhandled and plucked alive”.

The next step will be for them to banish angora from their stores permanently or pay for higher quality angora wool from farms that collect the wool through natural molting only. This would in turn increase the price of the product but for stores such as acne this should not be far above their usual price range. Its a small price to pay for a big cause.

If you haven’t signed up to the petition, I urge you to now so we can keep on making a difference and stop this suffering one step at a time.

A thank you from PETA: “People power made this possible, so thank you for being a part of this campaign”.


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