Will Brighton & Hove MPs speak out against the gagging law?


‘38 Degrees is the angle at which an avalanche happens. In the UK, 38 Degrees will enable people to act together, to create an avalanche for change’.

Britain, the birthplace of modern democracy has a ‘gagging law’ bill at the House of Lords committee stage.

The colloquially named gagging law is part two of the lobbying bill. Initially introduced to try shut off commercial lobbyists affecting politics however, in the direction foreseen, the bill will affect a minute number of lobbyists targeted and a greater impact on the general public’s political involvement.

The bill plays a restricting part on any 3rd party organisations, i.e. charities, blogs and NGO’s. This plan by the government is obviously not democratic, Paul Staines, Editor and Political blogger ‘Guido Fawkes’ describes the bill as ‘not quite like Putin’s Russia, but it’s heading in that direction”.

The bill will introduce a cap on registered campaigners spending to £9,750 in a particular constituency in the year before the general election, Ros Baston political and election Solicitor tells us “that’s just over £800 per month, in contrast the local MP can spend as much as they like until about 4 months before parliament is dissolved”.

There is a risk that the only people making any impact on politics will be politicians. Posters and flyers have been created, using Winston Churchill to represent the legislations threat on our freedom of speech rights.

On Thursday the 9th of January all three Brighton and Hove MPs are invited to a public meeting concentrating on the gagging law that is being rushed through parliament.

Caroline Lucas for Brighton Pavilion, Simon Kirby for Brighton and Mike Weatherley for Hove are due to attend in the hope to hear what the MPs, the speakers and other members of our community have to say on the gagging law.

The meeting will take place between 8-9:30pm at St Mary’s Church, 61 St James’s St.

Brighton and Hove council will be voting on whether or not to reject the Gagging Law next week.

If you feel rights to be heard should remain you can send our councillors an email, asking them to vote against the law: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/page/speakout/brighton-councillors-oppose-the-gagging-law


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