Prince’s Trust Team Turns Life Around For Young Girl

A young person from Brighton who turned her life around with help from City College Brighton and Hove’s Prince’s Trust ‘Team’ programme, has won an award at the youth charity’s annual ceremony.

Tia Riddle, 20, was the winner of HSBC Breakthrough Award at The Prince’s Trust & Samsung Celebrate Success Awards for London and the South East. The Breakthrough Award praises the progress of young people who have developed new skills to enable them to progress and stabilise their lives. Placed in care aged 12 and expelled from several schools, Tia has survived domestic abuse, drug dependency and depression, with The Prince’s Trust support she has turned her life around.

Idris Elba, who has previously presented an award at the annual ceremony’s national final, said: ‘The Celebrate Success awards show that with the right supports you can achieve your dreams. I left school at 16 with dreams of attending the National Youth Music Theatre but was disheartened when I realised how much it would cost. The Prince’s Trust gave me a £1,500 grant and, in doing that, they set me on the path that would eventually change my life.’

Tia dropped out of school aged 16, when she became pregnant with no qualifications or aspirations. Tia’s drug dependency resulted in an overdose which meant her daughter was removed from her care. This made Tia realise she had to get her life on track for her daughter’s sake as well as her own.

After approaching City College, Tia joined The Prince’s Trust Team programme. She became one of the strongest and most responsible members in the group. When Team ended Tia began volunteering as a supporting member of staff and decided she wanted a career in helping other young people turn their lives around.

‘I had a difficult start in life but I finally came to the realisation that I wanted and needed an education, a routine, stability and confidence to get a better life. The Prince’s Trust saved my life. If I had continued struggling with my depression without the support of The Trust I would either be dead or still an addict.’

Tia is now currently working part time to fund further studies in counselling, GCSE Maths and English, and an NCFE Level 2 award in volunteering.

For more information on Prince’s Trust Team programmes at City College, call 07552 446724 or simply text the word TEAM and your name to that number.

For City College media enquiries, please call Brian Bell, Marketing Communications Officer, on 01273 667788 Ext. 488 or website



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