Green houses open doors for Brighton homeless

A QUIRKY new development made of shipping containers has opened in the centre of Brighton today.

The development is part of a project by the Brighton Housing Trust to rehouse homeless people in the city.

In total, 36 shipping containers have been transported to the site on New England Road and residents today have been busy moving in.

The shipping containers have been moved from the Netherlands and have been completely refurnished with renewable materials.

The DIY giant Homebase has been behind the furnishing of the containers with starter packs containing beds, wardrobes, kitchen equipment and other household utilities.

A housing trust worker told us, “the trust’s aim was to make homes using materials that would otherwise be wasted with people being able to move in for Christmas”.

Residents moving in have to pay £150 a week, slightly less than the local housing limit that is received by the residents.

Andy Winter, CEO of Brighton Housing Trust said on his blog, “There is an acute shortage of affordable accommodation in Brighton and Hove. The number of street homeless people in the City has increased from 37 in November 2011 to 43 in November 2012. However, there is a wide consensus that the actual figure now is more likely to be close to 100.”

The containers themselves arrived in October at the site of Richardson’s Yard, an old scrap yard which itself used to be a pub.

It is now hoped  that help to reduce the housing shortage in Brighton and Hove, greatly improving people’s lives and their ability to get a job or go into education.

By Lily Blackmore and James Dunham


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