Charity’s call for xmas support

By Alice Poppy Watkins.

Terminally ill children’s charity gives you a chance to help them raise money by hosting their Christmas concert this Sunday.

On 15th December in Eastbourne college chapel there will be a carol concert hosted by Demelza.

Tickets are £12 for adults, £6 for children or £30 for a family of four with all profits going to the charity to help more children.

The event starts at 3pm on Sunday, everyone can join in with the celebrations.

Demelza are a charity who look after terminally ill children and provide them with a range of facilities including therapy for the families, play areas and the chance for the parents to have a short break.

Derek Phillips, founder of the charity said ‘’my daughters life, which could be seen as cruelly cut short, had revealed its purpose and meaning through the actions of all those who now work to contribute to helping the lives of suffering children who are too, destined to be brief.

The charity is named after the founder’s daughter who passed away in 1990 of a brain tumour, they wanted to provide people who experience similar things with a place to feel like they can be helped and looked after.

On the Demelza website is a link to ‘Lucy’s blog’, a patient who has recently been admitted, her blog is based on her opinion of the service, check it out here.!/2013/09/when-i-think-back-to-my-first-days-at.html


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