A day of disruption as Sussex lecturers strike

Lecturers from Universities and Colleges across Sussex took part in a one day strike over pay today forcing many classes to be cancelled.

The dispute centred around working conditions for lecturers in which teachers say that a 1% pay rise is not acceptable following a pay cut of 13% over the past four years.

As a result members of the University and College Union, Unison and Unite walked out meaning that Tuesday’s timetable for students was either severely reduced or cancelled altogether. 

At Sussex University many lectures were halted, and student union activies did not take place. Protests got heated when teachers and students supporting the strike blocked the road where the Vice President of the uni was trying to drive down.


The Vice Principal of Sussex Uni is greeted by protestors as she attempts to drive into campus

Meanwhile students at City College Brighton and Hove also faced a day of disruption with students being warned that some classes could be cancelled.

It is the second strike that has taken place in the past few months by staff in higher and further education who say that a pay rise of 1% does not justify the increase to the cost of living.

Dave Prentis, secretary for Unison said, “higher education workers deserve a better standard of living”.

Lessons will return to normal tomorrow as lecturers return from the picket lines into the classroom following todays strike action.

By James Dunham


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