Twitter-Powered Robot Knits Jumpers For a Very Important Cause

By Ella Bukbardis Image

As the festive season draws closer, the UK branch of the beer brand Budweiser has come up with an innovative way to promote their company and a very important issue round this merry period.

The beer company have created and launched a ‘Knitbot’, which, by using a chip that responds to the popular social networking site Twitter, knits a red and white jumper decorated in white snowflakes every time a member of the public hash tags the phrase ‘jumpers4des’. They say the more tweets they get- the more jumpers they will make!

However the ‘Knitbot’ was created for an important cause, to raise awareness for the important role that designated driver’s play by negating the number of road deaths. In 2010 nearly 10,000 reported road casualties happened when a driver was over the legal alcohol limit. Although the numbers have dropped increasingly up to that point, the statistics are still shocking. The punishment of getting caught drink driving can include being banned from driving for at least 12 months, and being fined up to £5,000. You can also be sent to prison for up to six months, and if you’re caught drink driving more than once in a 10-year period, you’ll be banned for at least three years. Who would want that? A simple way of avoiding road accidents is if a brave individual takes the step up of becoming a designated driver- the person who remains sober at a party and offers to drive their friends home.

Budweiser’s marketing manager Jennifer Anton said: ‘We wanted to promote and celebrate the important role that designated drivers play in a fun and engaging way, with our own take on the festive knitwear trend.’ So, by telling your friends and hash tagging the short message to the ‘Knitbot’, you get to raise awareness for designated drivers, and get to receive a jumper perfect for the festival season.


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