Teen creates a new meaning of the word ‘trollied’

A mishap happened on Tuesday night (November 26) when a young girl found herself stuck in an unfamiliar place.

The 16-year-old was playing around with her mates and decided to sit in the child seat of a shopping trolley. The joke was fine and dandy, when after a few minutes she found herself trapped and could not get free.

Firefighters were called out from Hailsham to the Quintins Shopping Centre on North Street at around nine in the evening. It is not sure how long the girl was stuck in the trolley for, but they managed to successfully break her free.

Luckily, the girl was left with no injuries and the firemen got her out of the trolley safely.

There have been a few negative comments left by people on the incident,

‘I hope this girl was VERY embarrassed after doing this. Let’s hope no other 999 calls were affected by her stupidity.’

Quote from a local person on the Argus Website, username ‘getThisCoalitionOut’

Hopefully the teen will not be getting in the child seat of a trolley anytime soon, we live and we learn!

Francesca Sloan


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