A Brighton taxi driver was given an eight month long sentence the other day for having allegedly wasted police time by lying about breaking speeding laws.

Samih Salib, a resident of Peacehaven who worked in Brighton, received several warnings from the police telling him he had been caught on cameras speeding, which were sent to his home but ignored.  

He was also handed one in person by a police officer, but he falsely informed him he had sold his car to another man several weeks before the speeding offences had been committed, and when questioned about the identity of the buyer, he gave the officer the name of a fictitious character and a fake address.

Upon being discovered, he was arrested and taken to Lewes Crown Court where he was issued with a sentence of eight months for perverting the course of justice, banned from driving for a year, and became the recipitent of an £80 fine.  How he will continue to support himself and his family due to his ban on driving remains to be seen.

Mr Salib is not the first person to have committed an offence like this recently.  Priti Barua, a dentist, also based in Brighton, was given an eight month long suspended sentence for a similar crime of lying to police when caught speeding. She falsely claimed to have left her car outside a Halfords store and made an attempt to stick the blame on two members of the staff there.

She, too, was banned from driving for a year and given a fine of £1500.


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