Review: La Choza

Mexican food is not just Old El Paso and homemade-yet-still-not-right burritos. La Choza is an authentic Mexican restaurant in the heart of Brighton’s octopus lanes, offering you all the Mexican you’ll need.


 The colourful and quirky décor of La Choza or ‘the shack’ instantly stood out, showing itself off as a typical carnival with a party and friendly atmosphere. Not to say that it was all fun and games. I was warmly greeted by the staff, who instantly make you feel welcome, giving you the professional, friendly and personal experience that some chain restaurants lack.

The menu boasted a variety of meals, allowing you to create your own with different fillings and flavours, including kids meals at an affordable price. Nab yourself a burrito or a meal from the specials, as they’re the most popular!

I was recommended a traditional Mexican soft drink called Jarritos Guava Guayaba. Usually I’m a lemonade person but this sweet drink of heaven can only be described as fruity melted ice lolly, a real guilty pleasure.

The food lived up to my expectations too, the beef and black bean burrito special with salad and chipotle salsa caught my eye, but boy did it catch my tongue too. It took quite a few mints to calm down the heat in my mouth, but despite that it didn’t overwhelm all the other flavours, which can only be described as a sensory explosion in the month. The side salad of red cabbage and carrot balanced the spicy burritos off perfectly, highlighting the well-practiced craft from the chefs.


The popularity of this restaurant is shown through the constantly filled tables and stream of people filing in and out of the restaurant. The outside seating offers a spot to sit and relax on a lunch break whilst enjoying some authentic food, as well as the decorative inside seating area, enticing you in with all the wonderful trinkets and traditional Mexican knick knacks.

Since opening last June, La Choza has shown that it’s here to stay. So if you’re ever in doubt of what to eat whilst in Brighton, pop along to La Choza on Gloucester Road to get yourself some delicious and unique Mexican food.

Rhiannon Pulling


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