Mooovie man’s cows nominated for top film award

A moovie following a Sussex farmer and his herd of cattle has been nominated for a top film award following it’s screening at the Sundance film festival in Utah.


The Moo Man” documented Hailsham farmer Steve Hook and his attempt to start a business selling organic, raw pintas. The film was the brainchild of local directors Andy Heathcote and Heike Bachelie who documented the work of Hook and his 55 Friesian Holsteins.

It was a family affair as three generations of the Hook family shunned the supermarkets as they bet everything on the hope that they could successfully operate a business independently. Steve’s Grandad operated the traditional milk float, his sons began operations on the internet and the man himself, Steve, was visiting farmers markets.

Following it’s showing at the Sundance film festival last Spring the film has gone on to be nominated for countless awards and accolades. Now though it is competing against four other documentaries in the British Independent Film Awards which are being held in London on December 8th.

Other contenders for the award include a documentary about the controversial music group “Pussy Riot” and “The Spirit of ’45” which centers around Director Ken Loach’s exploration of post war Britain.

On being nominated for the award Heathcoate described how overwhelming the year has been. “

“It’s been quite a year since getting into Sundance. It’s been a huge journey and fantastic fun.”
-Andy Heathcoate speaking to the Sussex Express

Directors Heathcote and Bachelie have since released the documentary on DVD for those who weren’t lucky enough to see the film when it was screened across the UK.

It’s fair to say that the boys have been milking “The Moo Man’s” overwhelming success, and moo could blamed them.


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