Freshly Baked, But Sad-faced

Last week, eight Brighton bakers bucked the trend of cheery gingerbread men and colourful cakes with a slightly different take on sweet products.


The inventive group of entrepreneurial snack-creators held a grey cake day to raise awareness for mental health issues. The small one-day pop-up shop, called “The Depressed Cake Shop”, was designed specifically to intrigue people enough to draw them in when a simple stand and flyers would not suffice. The scheme struck a chord with Brighton’s more ‘out-there’ residents and quirky teens, who have helped the bakers raise a great deal of money for the charities Mind Brighton & Hove and Right Here.

Charley Cole, who organised the event at the Brighton Craft Alliance in the Unitarian Church, New Road, said: “One in four of us will suffer from some kind of mental ill health throughout our lives and yet it is still a taboo subject.

“The Depressed Cake Shop aims to break down those barriers to discussion and raise awareness and understanding over a delicious and accessible medium – cake.”


However, this hipster’s alternative to Greggs is not the first of its kind. The trend started with a similar pop-up in London, where the amusing execution and earnest message made waves online. The movement of sadness-riddled baked goods has now extended its reach globally, with temporary shops being planned for everywhere from Malaysia, to India, to the USA.

You can get involved yourself by setting up your own shop and creating your own monochromatic treats by going to their website below. It’s a fantastic opportunity to raise funds for helping other people’s days to be less grey.


By Lewis Parker


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