Ex-student gets call back at Star Wars audition

Omar Khan

Ex -student Saskia Lane gets a call back from Star Wars audition in London. 

Directors for the blockbuster movie are currently holding auditions throughout the UK and the rest of the world; sci-fi fanatics have been flooding into stadiums and venues across the UK in an effort to land a role in Star Wars: episode 7.

Thousands of hopefuls had been queuing up on Saturday the 23rd of and Sunday the 24th of November at Twickenham stadium. 

The latest instalment of the long-running saga is set for a december 2015 release, and producers have been searcing for undiscovered talent to star in the new trilogy.

The former student started queuing at 4am after being told by a friend he wasn’t seen until way into the afternoon after he started queuing at 6am.

Thankfully, Saskia didn’t suffer the same fate, as she was one of the first to be seen, although she did complain about queuing in freezing conditions.

Disney bosses are looking for a “beautiful, smart and athletic” 17 to 18-year-old woman to play Rachel and a “handsome, smart and athletic” 19 to 23-year-old man to play Thomas.


Speaking of her Experience Saskia said: “I’m so happy right now, I can’t believe I got a call back! After queuing for seven hours and drinking lots of tea I feel over the moon.


I’m so shocked, I actually can’t believe I got a call back the directors said they’ll be in contact so I’ll have to wait and see!”



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