Blue Nun Wine, Or Blue Nun Ghost?

Brighton folklore tells the tale of a Blue Nun that was punished for a forbidden affair with a local fisherman.

As punishment for her acts she was buried alive behind bricks in the Lanes, until she suffocated, or died of hunger and thirst.

Locals have known about reported paranormal sightings for centuries, often seeing the Nun between Black Lion Street and Middle Street.

However it is not just locals that have seen this apparition, tourists in 2009 also witnessed the Blue Nun appear, then seemingly disappear in front of their eyes.

It is most common that the old woman, who is said to have a blue glow around her, is mostly seen outside of the Black Lion Pub.

Though she is said to appear glowing blue, there have also been reported sightings of her with a blue, asphyxiated face.

There is a third appearance, and another inconsistency to the Blue Nun story, as she has also been seen in a blue habit.

She is often described as appearing distressed and in pain, though the accounts vary.

Though with Brighton’s Blue Nun being seen around pubs, it’s hard to tell whether it’s the centuries old Blue Nun coming back to haunt her death place, or the Blue Nun wine that causes these visions.


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