Save the bunnies

Let me warn you before you watch it, this video is distressing for anyone and I am sure of that. These bunnies spend their lifetimes undergoing this torture.
Just imagine having hair all over your body and someone grabbing it and tearing it out, being strapped down to a wooden board and someone sitting you and left to live the rest of your time in a tiny cage.

These animals are treated so horrifically, for one cause, textile, a fabric to be used for high quality knitwear.

Wikipedia states that in China, there are more than 50 million Angora rabbits, growing 2,500 – 3,000 tonnes per year. “Harvesting occurs up to three times a year (about every 3 months) and is collected by plucking or shearing of the moulting fur.” This video clearly shows that it is not just the molted hair that they accumulate, their fresh new fur is violently ripped off them, leaving bald patches all over their little bodies.

They are given no space to jump and play and Angora rabbits are naturally extremely clean and these conditions are far from what is naturally right for them. Once their fur grows back they go though the ordeal all over again.
These rabbits live in such stress that they rarely live longer than 3 years. When they die their necks are wrung, they are hung upside down and their necks cut. Their meat is then sold in markets.

Animal cruelty is something we all know about but there are things you can do to stop this unbelievable behaviour.

Check labels in clothing for what fabrics are used and if Angora is, don’t buy it and question the company about their use of Angora wool.

PETA say “the best thing you can do to help rabbits is to refuse to buy Angora. And be sure to ask your family and friends to do the same.”

They have also begun a campaign against the industry:



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