Grittney Spears and Usain Salt to keep Sussex safe


Words by Lily Pritchard

Along with the rest of the gang, Grittney Spears and Usian Salt, who are gritter trucks, will treat 950 miles of roads in the county during the wintery weather. It snow joke!

The rest of the trucks are humorously named Great Gritain, Sir Spead A Lot, Snowminator and Girl Plougher, thought up by Ditchling Primary School.

Thanks to new technology, motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and other road users will be able to watch the gritters’ movements in real time.

Fans of Twitter, or should I say Gritter, can keep an eye on them via information collected by electronic tracker devices on each of the 24 lorries.

“This is a great addition to our website,” said Roger Williams, head of highways at the county council. “We are often asked where and when we grit and now people can see for themselves.”

The East Sussex Highways Twitter account @esccroads has already proved a hit and has more than 5,500 followers.

Information about why and when roads are gritted, which roads are prioritised and what residents can do to stay safe during severe weather is available on East Sussex County Councils winter pages.


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