Choccywoccydoodah is on the move


By Laurence Thompson

A famous chocolate shop in Brighton is on the move.

The owners of Choccywoccydoodah have put the shops in Duke Street and Middle Street on the market, having taken the lease of the former Naked Tea and Coffee shop in Meeting House Lane.

Foxy Brown said:  “We are moving to larger premises and combining our chocolate showroom, consultation offer and ‘Bar du Chocolate’ into one building which is full of character, where there will be plenty of room for everyone.”

Choccywoccydoodah is featured on Sky TV’s Good Food Channel and they have made cakes and hand-sculptured chocolate for Elton John, Harry Potter, and a film featuring overrated actor Johnny Depp.

Popular items are the gingerbread house, chocolate skulls, and rocky road. They sell a ‘merman’ which is inspired by Brighton gay culture, and also a £25,000 chocolate horse, for those who are on a tight budget.

The chocolate itself is highly regarded amongst chocolate connoisseurs and culinary experts. Says TV chef Greg Wallace: “I could polish the rest of that off, no problem.”

Henry Everett said: “Nobody else knows how to sculpt chocolate like us because our co-founder Christine developed the technique herself”.

Commercial agents Graves Jenkins have been instructed to sell the two prominent retail premises.

Choccywoccydoodah give out free samples when items are broken by accident, but they were not willing to break anything so that we could sample anything.


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