Brighton Celebrity enters the jungle!

Brighton Celebrity enters the jungle!

Annabel Giles has left her son and Kemp Town home to join the other contestants and of course Ant and Dec to be on the Television show ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here’.
It’s common knowledge that most celebrities enter the jungle in the hope to boost their barely existent careers, a result of Annabel’s appearance in the thirteenth series is more of a hope to boost hers after a two-year bid to get on the programme.
Entering the jungle late with Strictly Star, Vincent Simone, the two went head to head in their first ‘Bush Tucker Trial’. Having a huge burrowing cockroach in her mouth and chugging down a smoothie of crickets and meal worms was just the start for her experience in the jungle.
After reportedly saying that the jungle will be “better than going to a health spa” she “couldn’t bear lounging around in towelling dressing gowns”, must have slipped her mind when she packed a white, ill-fitting night gown that became the talking point for the camp however fashion designer David Emanuel did say she pulled it off rather well and could look good with “a little belt around the waist”; take note ladies, obviously anything can be made fashionable, or maybe he was just being nice.
Having been expelled from boarding school for smoking at 16, Annabel trained and worked as a secretary before being discovered as a model and becoming the face of Max Factor cosmetics. Her career expanded into television and radio presenting and appearing on shows. She’s published a Novel, which made her a Penguin Author and In 2008 she published an article about the syndrome her son was born with, the XYY syndrome.
Annabel hopes to “dispel the rumours that all posh people are like David Cameron and George Osborne”, we’ll see how that goes, we can be sure that Joey Essex won’t have that opinion on posh people anyway!


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