Residents in the UK are outraged after energy price hikes


Residents across the UK are angry at the news that Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) have decided to raise the cost of gas up to 9.7%.

SSE’s decision to raise energy prices has left many disillusioned at the prospect of having to pay more for something they see as a necessity.

With other energy companies such as N Power set to follow suit, many are worried about how they will be able to afford the price hikes, particularly those with children.

Harlow resident and part-time builder, Tom Andrews, 26, said ‘it’s a pain with me having a kid and that. It’s a worry I have to admit.’

Despite being angry at having to pay more for their gas, there are those that understand they have to accept the facts and budget accordingly.

Another Harlow resident, Tom Andrews, 26, said: ‘It’s all wrong. I really have to watch what I spend. I’ve only just putting on the heating and only in the morning.’

The energy companies argue that they need to raise prices due to green taxes and increased wholesale costs.

This has been met with scepticism from various different MPs who have questioned whether the price hikes are moral.

Many believe that the energy companies are just taking advantage of their customers by charging as much as they can to maximise profits.

The labour leader Ed Miliband said: ‘we don’t need more excuses, more reviews, what we need is action, action against companies that are overcharging people.’

The news is a particularly bitter pill to swallow after energy companies admitted that bosses were still receiving big bonuses.

Managing director of energy for British Gas Ian Peters said when pressed: ‘Bonuses have gone up, that’s a matter of record.’


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