Libraries are changing

untitledBy Alice Watkins

East Sussex library users will face a change in services which are due to be launched on December 2nd 2013, users are being warned that there could be disruptions to the services.

The changes to the online E-library site are designed to be more user friendly as well as being clearer, including images of book covers (so people can spot the book easier), get alerts of new stock and find what they’re looking for using a more refined search, a new feature which the library are hoping will be popular is the ‘join the library online’ option.

Cllr Chris Dowling, East Sussex County Council lead member for community services, said: “The ability to search for, reserve or renew items online is a great benefit to library users, but the current system has to be replaced.’’

The system will soon be able to be accessed by mobile use so tablets, mobile phones etc, the service will also be more efficient for library staff as they will have more up to date info on stock, meaning the public will be more satisfied.


More information is available in local libraries, by calling 0345 6080196 or emailing

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