Golden Thrones

131113 SNAP BHCC 01

Brighton & Hove City Council’s public loo’s have again been nominated for a number of National and UK Loo of the year awards.

This year the grades that have been awarded are better than they have ever been, with 34 loo’s being visited, 18 awarded for Platinum and 16 for Gold.

The results for the regional and national awards will be announced at the 2013 Loo of The Year Awards on Friday 6th December.

Wettons said: “We work together to ensure that the residents and visitors to the Brighton & Hove area have use of the best possible “away from home” toilets.”

Brighton & Hove City Council has been working in partnership with Wettons since 1999, cleaning and maintaining the public conveniences.

“We are all extremely proud and pleased that the hard work carried out has been recognised again by the British Toilet Association.” Said Wettons.

Three of the loo’s that have been awarded with a grade this year are Western Esplanade, Rottingdean Under-cliff and Kings Esplanade Hove.


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