Computer Security Day 2013


Words by Lily Pritchard

The Internet is a dangerous place. One fifth of Macs are now infected with malware and the number of cyber-attacks increased 81% in 2011, targeting mostly mobile devices and social networks.

Those stats should be reason enough to take note of Computer Security Day 2013. It was started in 1988 after the outbreak of a computer virus known as Jerusalem on November 7th.

It aims to help raise awareness of computer related security issues. Their goal is to remind people to protect their computers and information.

This annual event is held around the world on November 30th although some organizations choose to have functions on the next business day if it falls on a weekend.

This is a good day to do some basic security checks and to follow up anything you’ve been meaning to do for a while.

It is recommended you change your passwords, delete unneeded files, create back up files, download some anti-virus software or re-evaluate the privacy settings of your social network accounts.

The organisation urges people to learn more about viruses, PC security, firewalls, using strong passwords, social engineering and physical security of information resources and assets.

If you visit their website you will find free materials, activities to help you participate in CSD, relevant links and resources and even free CSD posters.


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