X Factor Bosses panic as more viewers switch off


By Shane Tyas

Viewing figures for The X Factor have once again declined this year after being continuously beaten by BBC1 dance contest Strictly Come Dancing.

While X Factor’s audience usually notch up approximately 7 million per week, it’s clearly no match for Strictly, which manages on average nearly 9 million viewers.

This is a far cry from The X Factor’s glory days when, in season 6, it peaked at 19.7 million UK viewers (a 63.2% audience share). So why exactly are viewers tuning off?

Rhiannon Pulling, a long-time X factor Fan, said: Each year i watch it less and less, it’s the same old sob stories, less talented people are getting through on their looks and popularity”.

Others have admitted they only watch it “because it’s on” going as far as to say they found the John Lewis advert The Bear and The Hare more compelling than the actual show.

Because of lower viewing figures, this could well affect the future careers of favourites in the current competition such as Sam Bailey and Tamera Foster.

Even with the performances of superstars such as Celine Dion and Miley Cyrus, the harsh reality (no pun intended) is that people have gotten bored of the same formula each year.

So the question remains, what will X Factor bosses do next to save the ailing show?  Whatever the outcome, Simon Cowell is sure to be quaking in his high-waisted trousers right now.


One thought on “X Factor Bosses panic as more viewers switch off

  1. I think they need to change the format, stop for one year and then come back with amazing changes. This new show launching next year looks good, you vote the acts you want to see onto the show!

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