Wrap up, snow is on its way!


Image from http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/442873/Coldest-winter-in-modern-times-on-way-with-snow-forecast-for-Britain-starting-next-week

Forecasters have warned the UK to stay prepared for a heavy snowstorm with the persistent snow staying for up to three months.

With most warnings being issued in the Scotland and on the Western Highlands, the rest of the UK hasn’t been affected as of yet.

Although the calling of snow might result in a day off for some lucky people, warnings of threatening ice and sleet causing dangerous travelling conditions, highlights the importance that these warnings are taken seriously.

Cold Arctic air from the North Pole will drive its way towards to the UK later this week with snow fall likely across the country.

As some report this to be the coldest winter since 1947, the preparation for the snow is underway as early indicators from forecasters back up this prediction.  

Keep checking the Met Office website for warnings in your area, with the snow predicted to cover the whole of the UK.

Rhiannon Pulling


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