The Witches – a Christmas performance by Chichester Youth Theatre



 By James Elliott


If perhaps you have people coming to stay with you for a few days prior to Christmas and are wondering where to take them I have a suggestion.


Musicals at Christmas time are a must see in my opinion and there is one that is certainly a must see show.


Chichester Youth Theatre has always put on a fantastic performance each holiday with such plays as A Christmas Carol and Peter Pan.


However this year they have decided to adapt the Roald Dahl novel the Witches into a musical, which is even darker and frightening then the book.


With a cast made up entirely of teenagers the production will leave you speechless and completely astounded at the quality these young performers have when they bring this novel to the stage.


Chichester has had a history of putting on a range of high quality productions over the Christmas period both at the Minerva and main Theatre.


The Youth Theatre does as always uphold the reputation of Chichester with this great performance that will have you leaving the theatre with a great sense of happiness at experiencing such a well produced musical.


And if you have time to spare, then head on down to the town centre and experience Chichester at night and see the Christmas lights which will cap a wonderful evening.



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