Sussex County FA Challenges Negative Perceptions

It is common perception that the County FA does very little for grassroots clubs and coaches, but with free workshops now being offered to developing grassroots coaches is that really the case?

Sussex FA provide on going support for novice coaches by providing a program of in service workshops throughout the year across the county.

Most workshops are two to three hours long and take place in the evenings, so coaches with day jobs are able to attend.

The workshops cover a range of topics, from set plays (free kicks, corners, etc) to sports psychology, as well as goalkeeping and counter attacking.

All of these workshops include exercise and practices that are adaptable for all ages, ability and experience so that they are able to be taught to any players.

This is just one of the ways in which the FA is providing support for grassroots clubs.

Hayley Tunstall, Football Development Administrator at Sussex County FA says: “These workshops really help the coaches and just shows the help that the FA provides the grassroots of the game.”



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