New Business for Peacehaven

When you try to think of a great place for business and enterprise, you mind might wander to central Brighton: those narrow eccentric Lanes where clever and innovative businesses are opening and closing and expanding all the time.

‘Peacehaven’ isn’t necessarily  your first thought when thinking of business and enterprise hotspots. A sleepy suburbia overlooking the sea, on the cliffs on the outskirts of the city, there doesn’t seem to be any need for anything to disturb the tranquillity…

However, a new project will bring new business to the area. Peacehaven council are planning to create  a small enterprise centre located at Greenwich house, previously used by the Sussex Partnership Health Trust, who have recently moved.

With lots of parking and a central location opposite Wave leisure centre and the Meridian centre,  it seems like the perfect place to bring small, thriving businesses to give a boost  to the area, in desperate need of more enterprise.

Simon Kirby, MP for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven, has openly supported this project- so much so that he has written to prominent figures in the cabinet, Eric Pickles and Vince Cable, to back up the proposals.

There will be huge benefits for Peacehaven, as the new business will both create jobs and promote growth. For small businesses, it is a risk to go outside of the town centre, but ultimately this is a positive move: bringing enterprise back to local communities rather than having it concentrated in the city centre will improve the quality of life for people living on the outskirts.


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