Late Night Christmas Shopping in Chichester


By James Elliott

For nine days in December Chichester high street will be transformed into a superb shopping experience for anybody that wishes to pay it a visit.

Chichester has a reputation for being an excellent choice for people to shop at Christmas being voted the third best Christmas shopping experience by Sky travel several years ago.

With the beautiful festive lights hanging from the buildings and hanging over the streets there are not many better places in the country to experience that Christmas feeling.

The Chichester Christmas market will have at least 50 festive stalls put up very near to the cross in the centre of the town, which will be selling a range of items for people to purchase.

But what makes this experience so special I feel is the atmosphere that encompasses the city, particularly at night.

Carol singers perform on the steps of the cross and the sounds resonate into the night sky with perfection.

The smell of mulled wine and hot chestnuts fills the air and the Christmas lights shine down on the streets to create this picturesque scene that you would find in a Charles Dickens novels.

If there’s one place to visit one Christmas evening then Chichester is the place.


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