Katy Bourne

Katy Bourne- East Sussex Police Crime Commissioner


Katy Bourne, the Conservative Police Crime Commissioner for East Sussex, has just finished celebrating her first year in office, the anniversary of which was last Friday. “I saw this as a unique opportunity to represent the public’s interests in the fight against crime,” said Mrs Bourne, who earns £85,000 a year in the job.

Katy is the previous owner of several successful businesses, one of which she sold to the competitor for her current position. ‘With your support, I am determined that Sussex Police will operate effectively and efficiently and that the values I have embraced during my professional career – hard work, integrity and fairness – underpin everything we do together.’ says Bourne during her campaign.

She is also heavily involved in charity work. In 2009, she raised over five thousand pounds due to her participation in the London Marathon and due to her family’s military connections she has raised £1,400 for the Afghanistan Trust, a charity set up to help soldiers returning from Afghanistan.

She has clearly stated that she intends to make sure we are all ‘Safer In Sussex’ by coming down hard on anti-social behaviour and domestic violence and ensuring more criminals are caught and punished. One of her main priorities was to make sure the public got ‘Good value for money from their police force’. She has stated that she believes an important part of policing is to establish a relationship with neighbourhood residents to find out from them their thoughts on crime in their areas and how the police deal with it.

Her contact details are available to the public on her website if anyone has any queries or would like to voice their policing priorities to her. 


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