Holidays are coming – Coca-Cola tour comes to Brighton


It isn’t Christmas until you’ve seen the Coca-Cola advert that first time.

This year though, the holidays are really coming to Brighton as the international company has chosen our town as a “kindness hotspot” for its annual tour once again.

The truck will arrive on Saturday the 21st of December – just in time for Christmas.

A carol-singing choir as well as an elf entourage, who will be serving chilled Coca-Cola refreshments, will accompany the van. If you are very lucky, you might also be able to get your photo taken with the magical truck itself.

The famous truck was first seen in the 1995 holiday advert and was labeled as a “Christmas caravan”.

Since then the advert for 2013 alone has received 32, 226 views on YouTube in just this week alone.

Whether you like the holidays or not, it’s certainly worth showing up at Jubilee Square between 1 and 9 pm to witness this festive fun.

Words by Lu Wright


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