Ex-chairman Dick Knight’s new book makes for fascinating reading


Dick Knight’s new book, Mad Man – From the Gutter to the Stars, is a remarkable read, detailing how a club in serious danger of going out of the football league, managed to turn around their fortunes and establish themselves as a championship club.

Knight, who oversaw 3 promotions and two relegations in his time as chairman, attributes the club’s turnaround to the fans, which he always believed would remain loyal after standing with huge crowds of them at the old Goldstone ground.

He talks of his belief that the club had the potential to succeed but that it needed resuscitating, and being a life-long fan; it is appropriate that he was the man to do it.

One of the biggest challenges for Dick Knight was getting Brighton a new stadium, and despite much opposition to it’s construction, the Amex stadium, with superb travelling links to London, was completed.

The stadium’s opening signified how far Brighton had come when 14 years ago the club’s reputation had sunk so low that 17 clubs had voted to throw them out of the league.

Everyone was rooting for Brighton now, and Knight, who always spoke of the importance of the fans rising up, has used this book to demonstrate his faith in them by offering them the chance to buy his shares in the club, and make the most important people the ones who own it.

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