Children In Need’s 33rd Year

Since the birth of Children in Need in 1980, the BBC organisation has raised over £600 million, changing the lives of young people and disabled children in the UK. This year a new record of £31 million was met, compared to last year’s sum of £26 million, this was an exceptional leap forward.

The East Region of England holds the record for the most money raised by one appeal for BBCCiN, collecting over £2.2 million.

The BBC Children In Need extravaganza took place on Friday the 15th of November. Families around Britain sat down to watch the performances, the comedy and the traumatic appeal films highlighting the reality behind why Children In Need really is such an important event.

A reappearing face for Children in Need is the charities mascot Pudsey Bear. He was designed by Joanna Ball, a BBC graphics designer. Pudsey was originally a classic brown coloured bear named after the West Yorkshire town where Joanna was born. He proved very popular and returned as BBC Children in Need’s official logo the following year with his design amended to that of a yellow bear with a red-spotted bandage.

Pudsey’s young loved yellow face is used in jewellery pieces by jewellers Tresor Paris, they have created 6 items that contribute 25% of the price to the BBCCiN appeal. Tresor Paris is also auctioning off a pair of ice-skates, all the money of the highest bid will go directly to Children in Need. Set with 6,500 of TP crystals, the skates took nearly 10 days to make and hold a value of $4,995. After 22 bids the highest stands at £1,550 but with 6 days to go they hope to reach £4000-£7500 by 8pm on the 24th of November.

Visit to place your bid!

Children in Need Rocks was organised by Gary Barlow, taking place from the 12th to the 13th of November the event delivered a menagerie of the biggest music artists today. With performances by Kings of Leon, Keane, Tom Jones, Madness, Bastille, Ellie Goulding, Passenger, The Lumineers and many more all performed at the amazing Hammersmith Apollo. With the help of these events and everyone involved, it is inspiring how the UK have been able to reach such an amazing figure for 2013.

Children in Need give’s an educational and heartfelt insight into the lives of some of the most disadvantages youngsters in the UK. It’s an amazing achievement that this year, even in the economic crisis, the British Public managed to set the new record, the amazing £31 million goes towards helping 2,500 projects.

One of Brighton’s Projects that see’s the benefits and effect from money raised from Children in Need is Allsorts Youth Project. An incredible £51,466 provides support sessions and activities for transgender young people who struggle with their challenging situation everyday. These young people will gain confidence, reduce risky behaviour, and experience an improvement in emotional well-being with the help the project provides.

Fundraising events swept the country, from 10 year olds enduring sponsored 10-hour silences, to McFly and Busted merging together forming MCBUSTED organised events have inspired people across the country to bake, run, shave, sing and bean bathe for the huge appeal.

Brighton University held a ‘Spinathon’ on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th of November, which had 6 key members of staff from the sports department continuously cycle over 24 hours! Around 50 students and staff supported the staff in one-hour spin classes that 6 spin instructors lead throughout the duration of the Spinathon. Project officer Kirsty McCoubrey said ‘the event was a huge success, on top of the cycling challenge we also ran a pub quiz in our Students’ Union café, which was kindly organized by the University’s Karate Club.”

A ‘Children in Need Bake Off’ was organized by Holland Road Young Friends nursery. The staff, children and parents all baked together throughout the week, selling their creations on Friday the 15th to raise as much as they could for Children in Need. They held a competition involving three teams of 5 of the children aged 3-5, they decorated Pudsey Bear cakes to be judged by their special guest, which they had formally invited in writing to visit their school, Pepper Pig! Louise Leyden, the owner of the nursery is so pleased with the impact and the way the events went, she said “we are definitely going to do it again, it was such good fun all week and was a great learning experience for the kids to teach them all about charity”. As well as the mass baking efforts, the children painted and danced their way to a total raise of £225!

By Emelie Fitzgerald and Roselyn Pike

Joanna Lumley with the original ‘Pudsey Bear’



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