Children are taking over

The whole of England are taking on young people workers for the day.

This coming Friday The National Takeover day is taking place for the fifth year running. The organization, ‘Children’s Commissioner campaigning Children and Young People in England’, gives the chance for children’s voices to be heard and provides them with the experience to work with adults.

The role of the Children’s Commissioner was created by the Children’s Act 2004. The heart of the Children’s Commissioner’s campaign currently has 26 members, aged between 11 and 18. They lead projects with the support of their staff, contribute to the Government’s thinking and also share views on work and issues that affect young people.

The barrier between generations is hoped to be broken as young people are encouraged to be actively involved within their communities. Children are involved in adults working environments for the day and take on important roles and responsibilities.

Children can upload their thoughts and concerns to the Children’s Commissioner website, also sharing their experience with others. Spardha, aged 13, “I was Head Teacher for the day along with another one of my friends. We both had great fun and earned trust from our teachers after showing our capability of being responsible.”

Brighton and Hove are contributing with many organizations, for example, Office of the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner where young people can attend meetings with Sussex Police officers and make important decisions.

To find out what is going on in your area don’t hesitate to look on:


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