Brighton butcher thinks ‘soaring’ turkey prices is just hype

turkey-dinnerWords by Zoe Hazel Thomas

There’s no need to get in a flap about rising turkey prices – it’s business as usual in Brighton this Christmas.

Reports this week warning of a 17% rise in turkey prices could just be hype, according to Brighton-based butcher Graham Maides.

The figures, reported by the Daily Mail this morning, claim shoppers will now have to pay £20 for a large frozen turkey that was worth £17 last year.

Paul Kelly, chairman of the British Turkey Association, believes that this is down to ‘massive fluctuations’ in the cost of turkey feed.

However, Mr Maides, who runs M&B Meats on London Road, doesn’t agree. He said: “I’ve heard turkey prices are only going up by 10-12p this year. They would have told us by now if it was as much as 17%.”

Despite fears that cash-strapped Brits could be spending more than ever this Christmas, all it really takes is some careful shopping to keep prices down.

A quick price scout around the supermarkets in Brighton shows you don’t need to dig too deep to enjoy a traditional turkey dinner this year.

For a large frozen turkey (5-7kg), you can expect to pay…








Aldi shopper Sharron Bibby says she buys turkey crown from ASDA to keep costs down for her family.

“I didn’t know they were putting the prices up by that much,” she said.

“They do it because they know people are going to pay it whatever the price. They have to, it’s Christmas.”


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