Nevill Juvenile Bonfire Night 2013

As October draws to an end with discarded Halloween costumes and the remains of the ‘trick or treat’ sweets eaten, the next calendar event is 5th November.

Around the country, people will be celebrating Guy Fawkes Night with bonfires and fireworks on the 5th, however Nevill Juvenile Society in Lewes have already had their celebrations on 19th October.

Beginning in 1967, the Nevill Juvenile Society has held this event ever since, allowing children to take part in the processions, as the main event on the 5th is particularly crowed and potentially dangerous.


The processions have torch lit marches around the Nevill estate with fireworks held at the back of the estate.

See the map below for the route, photos and videos of this year’s procession.

Being involved in the event since a very young age, coming back to Lewes for this night, brings back many childhood memories.

The atmosphere before the start of the processions is almost indescribable, a feeling of excitement, mixed with the smells of kerosene and wood and sounds of people from the estate greeting each other, really bringing the community together.Of course, all you can see is a sea of green, red, blue and various other colours of the Smugglers jumpers.


As the procession begins, the sight of so many people dressed up in costumes varying from Nuns to Indians adds a childish touch to the night. The bands start up their drums, all in sync with each other, you can’t help but have a little dance. With the procession surrounding the Nevill Green, you’ll have never seen such a beautiful thing before.

With the Grand Procession enticing everyone towards the fire site, the Smugglers let everyone know who they are with shouts of “Ogy, Ogy Ogy!” with the Fireworks and Flamming banners ignited, showing you what’s to come next.

This year’s Tableau themes were the usual Guy Fawkes and the controversial subject of Fracking, which are set off in the fireworks display.



So with another year done, I can safely say I’ll be going for many years to come and recommend everyone to visit the town on the night, as it’s a truly spectacular event not to be missed.

Rhiannon Pulling


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