Milton Jones: On the Road


By Belinda Maude

Brighton Comedy Festival welcomed Milton Jones with open arms. The audience was awash with anticipation as they waited for the show to begin. Theatre seats filled up quickly as groups rushed to sit down. Just a minute of Jones’ show contains too much to miss.

The genius behind Jones’ humour resides in skilful linguistic manipulation that leaves the audience a couple of seconds behind before the palpable laughter erupts. Quick-witted one-liners never fail to please as he winds quickly through the maze of puns he has prepared. However, as Jones showed on that Thursday evening his sharp mind can easily manipulate audience heckles leaving them the laughing-stock of 500 others.

Jones’ show ‘On the road,’ is an example of comedic craftsmanship as each aspect of his set leaves the audience needing more. Far from relaying everyday events as is the norm, Jones studies our language in a refreshing way. His short appearance as ‘Milton’s Grandpa,’ revealed a different side of humour, one less adapted to the character seen on Mock the Week and Live at the Apollo. However, when he arrived on stage after the interval, dressed in a wild combination of blue and orange, the onlookers relaxed. The introduction of a projector, not seen by many since the noughties, gave Jones the opportunity to explore his artistic imagination using stick drawings.

Each member of the audience left the auditorium content in the knowledge that they had received what they came for: a night of infectious laughter provided by a man well and truly in his element.

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